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Sex Coaching

 What kind of coaching do I offer? I work with women to help them get in touch with their divine truth about their femininity, their souls purpose, and sexual expression.  A woman harnessing her sacred sensuality is one who is capturing her own power, leaning into and embracing her whole heart and soul; her divine femininity. 


  When we tap into that power, we are tapping into our sacred sexuality.  Sacred sexuality is not about what Western Civilization would have you believe it is.  Sacred Sexuality is harnessing the energy flow from your own personal power as a female and using it to show up in this world in a way that fulfills your greatest souls purpose and desires.  A womans greatest strength can come from her connection to her sensual self.  For many women, this relationship with self has either been lost or not yet found.  For many women there is division between sexuality and spirituality due to so many possible reasons, some of which are religious ideations they were raised to believe around sex and spirituality, the impact of society openly sexualizing women in main stream media, or a history of trauma they have endured, to name a few. 


When a woman's sensual sexual energy is blocked she may feel tired, sluggish, and withdrawn from others, including from the deepest depths of her own soulful self.  Sometimes women will turn to external relationships, gurus, or stimulation to find the answer to heal the pain of this blockage.  The pain from somewhere deep down inside of you saying "there has to be more than this".  I work with women to release this pain and unlock your power.  To teach you to go within and find power in your deepest desires in how you want to show up on this planet.  To learn to serve and honor yourself.  To combine the sensual sexuality with spirituality so that you can show up for yourself to be all of the beautifully magnificent woman that you are. To find strength in the vulnerability of speaking your truth.  


This work is not about sex, but often times women have misconceptions and misinformation (or complete lack of information) about sexuality in general.  So, we address those areas to release any negative emotions stored up in your body and soul to be able to then positively channel ALL of your energy into becoming the divine goddess you truly are.

 We will do this through a combination of educational resources, philosophy, and mindfulness. Unlike therapy, this coaching method  is collaborative and solutions-based. I work with women to release shame, heighten pleasure, and increase knowledge.  I am an empath, which means I can feel peoples energetic and emotional states.  I use this to help me guide you towards what your soul is seeking to feel divinely sacred.  


Self sexual fulfillment is something that individuals can obtain, and don't need a partner to get there.  If you have a partner, great!  Many do. There is still so much that can be gained from tapping into your own sexual self, for no one but yourself.  Of course this work will benefit any present or future sexual relationships as well, but this is about YOU.






Individuals who may benefit from this coaching:

  • want to have a deeper understanding about their femininity

  • want to have a greater understanding of their female anatomy and physiology

  • want to feel more alive and confident as a woman

  • want to feel more connected with their partner

  • may experience pain during intercourse

  • may have difficulty reaching orgasm, or don't reach orgasm

  • feel guilty for seeking sexual pleasure

  • feel guilty for not experiencing sexual pleasure​

  • feel drawn to anything relating to "divine feminine"

  • have difficulty expressing their sexual desires and wants 

  • feel uncomfortable communicating about sex with their partners

  • have fantasies, but don't know how to express them or even how to feel about them

  • experience pain during intercourse

  • feel shame or guilt for masturbation

  • feel shame or guilt during intercourse 

  • confusion around sexual desires 

  • a general feeling that there should be more to sex than what they have or had

  • shame around things such as being naked, sexual bodily fluids and pleasure

Contact me here by email to schedule a free phone call to

find out if this is the right fit for you. 

You can also send me a text or call (425) 232-6841.

Coaching sessions are available in person, via virtual video conference or on the

telephone.  You will have access to me via email and text during the time we are

working together as well as receive many complimentary materials to help you in

your journey.  I often give home assignments that are specifically tailored to your goals to help further understanding of topics we're covering together as well as to provide accountability for your growth and success.  Each 60 minute session is $100 or packages of  6 sessions for $550.  Sessions are covered by some insurance companies. 

"The goddess doesn't enter us from inside; she enters from deep within.  She is not held back by what happened in the past.  She is conceived in consciousness, born in love, and nurtured by higher thinking.  She is integrity and value, created and sustained by the hard work of personal growth and the discipline of a life lived happily in growth." -Marianne Williamson

What is Sex Coaching?  

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