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About Me

To feel comfortable doing your souls work with me, it may help you to understand a bit of my own personal story.


My life passion has always been working with families and individuals to provide services that improve quality of lives.  I have done this mostly in social services, family programming, and counseling the past 16 plus years.  I have a Bachelors Degree in Human Development and Psychology with a foci in Family Studies from Washington State University and am a Certified Counselor.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of families and children.  Additionally I am a Certified Holy Fire Reiki Master Level II and use this modality with clients to support emotional and physical healing.  

In 2015 things changed for me as I began a spiritual awakening.  This happened after several traumatic events occurred within my immediate family in a relatively short period of time.  The totality of it all completely changed the way I viewed life, and how I knew I wanted to engage in the world.  I had to basically strip down my belief systems about myself, my relationships, my own body, and my spirituality.  It was like peeling off layers to an onion (and yes, there were many tears in the process, as you would imagine with any onion) to get to the CORE of who I was; it was like my soul was screaming inside to finally be free.  I felt, and knew that as I worked to rebuild myself, it would be the real me.  Soulful, authentic, raw, real, me in all areas of my life.  


A huge part of my awakening was coming into realizing how much my own sexuality played a key part in becoming my most soulful self.  I was not aware (until I was) that there was a disconnection between my spirituality, my body, and my sexuality.  Something deep inside me had been whispering that this disconnection was there for many years, but it took the aftermath of the tragedies to really face what I didn't know I knew.  The more I learned about this and practiced combining these areas of my life, the more I discovered that this was a beautiful way to truly connect within, find and express my femininity, (which can be difficult for many women to do, myself included in such a task driven, busy society) and be my truest self.  It's an ongoing process that for me involves following Tantric philosophy in my daily life .  When I saw and experienced how much this new knowledge and intentional expression of self changed my life, I knew my work needed to shift to include guiding other women towards their own healthy sensual and sexual selves.  To help women really learn the importance and value in making these kinds connections with themselves, as well as with their partners.  And so, it felt natural, and I felt called and compelled to help other women seek this understanding which is how Sacred Sensual Soul became a part of my practice. I feel that all women have everything they need and are looking for inside themselves, I am just a vessel to help them find their way.  The approach and techniques I use with each woman varies to meet their unique needs, wants and goals. 

Camille Hereth, reiki practioner, sex coach

"What's the greatest lesson a woman should learn?  That since day one she already had everything she needs within herself.  It's the world that convinced her she did not." - Rupi Kaur

Professional Affiliations: 

The National Association of Social Workers

Female Entrepreneur Association

Camille Hereth
text or call: (425) 232-6841
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