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Girls Night Out

Get your closest girlfriends together with some wine and snacks for a fun night to talk about S-E-X baby!  This is NOT 5th Grade Sex Ed!  Informational, interactive, comprehensive, fun and relevant topics that I present on pertaining to all things female anatomy, sexuality, and desire.  We will start with an opening ceremony to honor each woman present.We can meet in the comfort of your own

home or at a beautiful sanctuary nearby. 

Suggested topics include: 

  • Turn On

  • Desire

  • Self Pleasure

  • How to talk to your kid about sex

Research studying the effects of groups of women getting

together for a minimum of four times for one hour to discuss

intimate topics related to sex showed amazing outcomes!.  Women ages 25-65 reported an overall 20% increase in sexual function.  Broken down by topic, women reported a 16% increase in desire, a 25% increase in arousal, a 26% increase in orgasm, a 28% decrease in sexual distress.  The women also found that by being brave enough to talk about sex, and sharing their experiences led to gained communication skills with their partner in speaking about sex, and in talking with their kids about sex.  Which, if you have kids, I hope you are having lots of those conversations, age appropriately of course.  If you're not sure how, I can help! 

Schedule a single Night Out or package of four nights over the course of four months. 


Email, call or text to get more information.  (425) 232-6841 

Camille Hereth, reiki practitioner, sex coach
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